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P.O. Box 6976
4901 Stickney Avenue
Toledo, OH 43612
FAX 419-729-3911


Riker manufactures a complete line of preformed pipes, tubes, elbows, reducers, connectors, couplings and fittings, in a variety of sizes, diameters and materials. Add to this our complete selection of hangers, clamps, turbo clamps, fittings, adapters, connectors and miscellaneous parts and accessories to make the installation of any exhaust or air inlet system easier.



Riker Flex flexible metal hose is the easy answer to tough exhaust system applications where highly durable, yet easily bendable, tail and exhaust pipe sections can make connecting various components together less complicated. The special interlocking design of Riker Flex gives it incredible strength and durability.

Riker air hoods and rubber components are available in both forced-flow and conventional designs in a variety of styles and diameters. Rubber components include 45 and 90 degree elbows, hump and reducer hoses to fit 4-inch to 8-inch tubing.

Riker also offers one of the widest ranges of high-quality chrome exhaust components in the industry. Nickel plating provides decorative and rust resistant parts for trucking and other heavy duty applications.